River City Bicycles Cross Crusade
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Series Rules & Prizes

The prize information is now updated for 2015.

$20,015+ Prize List!!

Adult Prizes

All adult categories will receive trophies 3 deep.

Category A $3,500 cash 20 deep
Category B $1,500 value 10 deep
Category C $1,000 value 5 deep
Masters 35+ Cat. A $1,000 value 10 deep
Masters 35+ Cat. B $500 value 5 deep
Masters 35+ Cat. C $500 value 5 deep
Masters 50+ $500 value 5 deep
Masters 60+ $500 value 5 deep
Clydesdales $115 in burgers & beer 11 deep
Women A $2,500 cash 10 deep
Women B $500 value 5 deep
Women C $500 value 5 deep
Beginner Women $500 value 5 deep
Women Masters 35+ A $500 value 5 deep
Women Masters 35+ B $500 value 5 deep
Women Masters 45+ $500 value 5 deep
Athena $500 value 3 deep
Single Speed Women $1000 value 5 deep
Beginner $500 value 5 deep
Single Speed $1,500 value 10 deep
Unicycle $200 value 3 deep

Junior Prizes

Junior MenOverall$500 value 5 deep
Junior Men10-12Medals only 3 deep
Junior Men13-14Medals only 3 deep
Junior Men15-16Medals only 3 deep
Junior Men17-18Medals only 3 deep
Junior WomenOverall$500 value 5 deep
Junior Women10-12Medals only 3 deep
Junior Women13-14Medals only 3 deep
Junior Women15-16Medals only 3 deep
Junior Women17-18Medals only 3 deep

**Kid's Cross: A non-competitive event for those 12 and under. Fun is the award!

Race Day Details

Please check the schedule for race day schedules, maps, directions and more.

Team Competition

After the battles of the day are ended, the top 10 warriors across all categories, from each OBRA Sanctioned team (teams that have paid 2015 annual dues to OBRA, listed here) will be tallied and assigned points.

The team with the lowest points for the series will be declared the victor

Teams with fewer than 10 warriors fielded in the battles of the day will be awarded 100 points per absentee warrior up to the total of 10 warriors. Warriors who place 100 or above in any category will be awarded 100 points.

For example, if your team's top placings are: 5 (cat M A's), 8 (cat Elite W), 34 (cat B), 42 (cat B), 22 (Clydesdales), 15 (cat MM50+), 85 (cat SS), and 102 (cat Beg) and you did not field a ninth or tenth warrior in any category, your team would be awarded 511 points.

The victorious team will be awarded the Cross Crusade Team Trophy.

General Information

The best six out of eight placings in the series will count in the final tally (drop the races with the fewest points). Riders must race in at least 3 races for the overall series. Series prizes will be awarded at the series end party


Points are awarded 18 deep in each race. Points schedule is – 26,20,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Reminder: only 6 races count.


Ties will be broken by OBRA's standard omnium tie-breaking rules (OBRA Rules).

In case of a tie on total points, the tie will be broken in favor of the rider who has:

  1. The most first place finishes or, if still tied, the most second place finishes, etc., or if still tied;
  2. The highest placing in the last race, or the race nearest the last race of the omnium in which at least one of the tied riders placed.


Most bikes are legal – Mountain bikes, 'cross, cruisers, unicycles, etc. But take heed: courses will favor those on 'cross bikes – so choose your weapon wisely! Please no fixed gears or bikes with bullhorns or bar ends.


Membership & Licenses

OBRA membership required for all riders. Single race memberships are available for $5.00. Season OBRA memberships are available for $10.00 online ($15.00 at the race or by mail). Junior season memberships are free.


All series passes must be purchases at or before race #1.
$30.00 Category A Men & Category A Women ($210 series)
$10.00 Juniors ($70 series)
$5.00 Unicycles (What?! or $40 series)
$25.00 all other categories ($175 series)


Register for the series online. You can find online registration links on the individual race flyers and on the schedule.

Day-of-event registration will be available at each race venue. Save time by printing out a waiver (PDF) and completing it at home.

Racers may also preregister by sending a completed OBRA waiver (PDF) and check payable to "Club Vivo" to:

Crusade Registration
7025 SW 7th Ave
Portland, OR 97219

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